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Sting and Bilbo Significance of the Small in The Hobbit - Literature Essay Samples

Bilbo’s sword, Sting, plays a large role in The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien a role that almost appears to be incongruous for its size. Through each one of its appearances, Sting’s increased significance as a plot element simultaneously symbolizes steps forward in Bilbo’s journey in becoming a true hero. The roles of the weapon with overlooked potentials and the hobbit with underestimated abilities eventually are revealed to be more significant than imagined. Bilbo’s encounter with the trolls is what leads to the discovery of Sting. Because his experience with the trolls is his first encounter with the true perils of the world outside the Shire, Bilbos actions reflect those of a typical hobbit with an easy, sheltered life. Although he escapes the trolls alive, he is painted as a character of extreme cowardice in this part of the novel, as he hides in a bush while his dwarf-friends take on the statuses of future troll-fodder. Nevertheless, after the trolls are turned into stone, his success in overcoming his first taste of danger is rewarded with the discovery of Sting in the troll’s cave. Compared to the other precious elvin-made swords found in the cave, Sting appears insignificant, as it â€Å"would have made only a tiny pocket-knife for a troll, but it was as good as a short sword for the hobbit† (Tolkien 42). Like Sting, Bilbo appears useless and incapable of any great deed at this point in the novel. For a stretc h of time afterwards, during which the dwarves regard Bilbo as a burden due to his useless presence, the hobbit forgets about his sword. However, when Bilbo is abandoned in the goblin tunnels, he remembers the dagger he keeps in his possession. During this time of despair, Sting brings a ray of hope to Bilbo. As he goes on to meet Gollum, Bilbo finds that his hope is justified when Gollum puts on a polite exterior, â€Å"anxious to appear friendly, at any rate for the moment, and until he found out more about the sword and the hobbit† (73). The presence of Sting, combined with Bilbo’s composed demeanor, makes Gollum wary long enough for Bilbo to plot his escape. After this episode, in which Sting plays a small but vital part by bestowing hope to Bilbo and apprehension to Gollum, the idea of Bilbo being a capable hero becomes less ludicrous to the dwarves. As Bilbo proudly boasts of his adventures to them, they regard him in an awe that he previously did not receive. Although Bilbo obtains Sting early on in the novel, it is not until he kills the giant spider in the forest that he gives his sword a name: Somehow, the killing of the giant spider, all alone by himself in the dark without the help of the wizard or the dwarves or anyone else, made a great difference to Mr Baggins. He felt like a different person, and much fiercer and bolder in spite of an empty stomach, as he wiped his sword on the grass and put it back into its sheath. I will give you a name, he said to it, and I shall call you Sting' (156). The scene that follows, in which Bilbo’s first impulse upon seeing his friends trapped by spiders is to rescue them by himself, cont rasts sharply with the inept way in which he handled the imprisonment of his friends by the trolls as a greenhorn adventurer earlier on in the novel. Such exponential growth in bravery and selflessness reflects Bilbo’s extreme growth in terms of heroism. Even though Bilbo has already successfully escaped Gollum on his own, the virtue of saving one’s own life pales in comparison to the chivalry present in the desire to rescue others, especially if one may be put at risk as a result. As he fearlessly slashes apart the spiderwebs that imprison the dwarves, Bilbo demonstrates that he has not only acquired knowledge and wisdom in dealing with the evils of the world, but has also achieved a level of undeniable heroism. In this manner, the naming of Bilbo’s sword foreshadows the last test Bilbo must, and does, overcome in order to gain the status of a true hero.The significance of Sting in the plot of The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien is made obvious at the same rate in which Bilbo’s heroism develops to its full potential. Both Sting and Bilbo have the potential to attain a greatness even those regarded with great esteem cannot achieve.

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The Ethical Issues of Healthcare Industry - 2043 Words

Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do. Ethics and its subsequent practice have been a very contentious issue in American society of late. Our current economic resulted almost entirely of excessive greed and unethical actions of key financial institutions. As a result of their lack of integrity, the entire world economy has subsequently suffered in a very severe manner. Many have lost their homes; even more have lost their retirement savings, while still others have lost their livelihoods (SACK, 2010). Such is the power of ethics and how its practice can have both positive and negative consequences on society as a whole. With all the attention placed on the financial community and in particular, Wall Street, many are often neglecting the unethical practices of the health care industry. I believe many of the practices within the healthcare industry to be unethical in regards to this case. The medical profession is predicated on tru st and honesty. Dr. Smith however has been anything but honesty with both his coworkers and those he operates on. Legal Aspects What are the main liability issues in this situation? The main liability issue in regards to Dr. Smith is that of his alcohol consumption prior to surgery. This is an egregious mistake on the part of the doctor as permanent injury could have resulted to the client. Furthermore, it is arguable the under the influence, the doctor would not perform the operation asShow MoreRelatedEthical Issues Facing The Healthcare Industry905 Words   |  4 Pageswill highlight some key ethical issues facing the healthcare industry as a whole, as well as hospice agencies specifically. In this program, I will reference ethical principles used today as well as reference historical ethicists and philosophers that backup the items outlined in this ethics program. There are two major topics to be discussed. The first will be how to treat patients that are at the end of their life, which includes their loved ones as well. A specific issue to be addressed in termsRead MoreEthical Ethics And Ethical Hacking968 Words   |  4 Pagesdevelopments and issues t hat have arisen in regards to the internet. One development and issue is ethical hacking. To understand ethical hacking one must be able to define what it means to be a hacker. â€Å"A hacker is an individual who intends to gain unauthorized access to a computer system† (Laudon Traver, 2015). Oxford Dictionaries defines an ethical hacker as â€Å"a person who hacks into a computer network in order to test or evaluate its security, rather than with malicious or criminal intent† (Ethical HackerRead MoreThe Importance of Accountability1741 Words   |  7 Pagesthe every industry especially health care discipline. Organizations desiring to succeed in whichever industry must always establish structures that encourage employees to be accountable. This study shows that accountability in the healthcare industry is not a matter of choice but something that must be observed at all times. This may act a form of encouraging and motivating employees at the workplace. The importance of accountability in the health care industry The business of healthcare is uniqueRead MoreEthical Question of Gift-giving in the Pharmaceutical Industry1542 Words   |  6 PagesPharmaceuticals industry, between Medical sales consultants and healthcare professionals ethical or unethical? In â€Å"Relationships Between Health Professionals and Industry: Maintaining a Delicate Balance†, published in Australian Prescriber Magazine, Professor of Medicine Paul A Komesaroff describes how to maintain an ethical relationships between health professionals and the sale consultants and argues that there are four ways to achieve this relationship: Government regulations, industry regulationsRead MoreEthical Self Assessment1015 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿ Ethical Self-Assessment Paper Sonya Smith HCS 545 Teela Carmack 04/13/2015 Ethical Self-Assessment Paper Healthcare professionals are faced with ethical dilemmas frequently in the healthcare industry and they have the ability to influence patient care outcomes. Healthcare professionals face difficult choices concerning what is best for the patients and can sometimes become entangled with ethical dilemmas. Ethical decision making helps the healthcare professionals make the difficultRead MoreCase Study : Partners Healthcare Systems1460 Words   |  6 PagesCase Study: Partners HealthCare Systems Angela Cisco, Talia Green, Amy Mc Kinnon Glun, Morgan Rodenbaugh, and Marla Bernal Baker College Online Case Study: Partners HealthCare Systems Partners HealthCare is a non-profit, health system located in Boston that created a data based transformation (Davenport, 2013). It integrated a new system that aligned the participating organizations to cohesively run as one and to help shape the future of the organization. The system didn’t stop there as it was responsibleRead MoreChallenges Facing The Health Care Industry1626 Words   |  7 Pagesfacing the health care industry. These challenges were examined to identify the impact that the patient, their families, and providers are faced with under the new ACA reform. This research briefly analyze the causes of health care cost increased, the shortage of healthcare workforce related to demographic changes of aging population and professional providers responsibilities to practice within the code of ethics. A solution is recommended to each challenge in healthcare with suggestion of moreRead MoreAnalyzing Michael Moores Sicko as a Healthcare Film734 Words   |  3 PagesT itle Page Healthcare Movie Sicko What can you identify about the healthcare system as you watched this movie? The Michael Moore movie pointed to a myriad of issues relating to the American healthcare system that are both startling and interesting. The movie was produced before the Obama Administration signed the Affordable Care Act into law, but Sicko reports that nearly 50 million Americans do not have health insurance. About 18,000 Americans die each year because they dont have health insuranceRead MoreUnit Nurse Managers, Wanted Procedural Sedation Cases To1406 Words   |  6 PagesPhysicians, who perform procedural sedation, simply wanted a seamless workflow that did not cause disruption in their workflows and that was easy to transition. Quality, Compliance, and Regulatory departments, main concern and focus was that Thrive Healthcare Company provided the best quality of care and safety for all patients, that there is consistent process and training on available documentation systems. In addition, they wanted all staff across the continuum to regard compliance, laws, rules, andRead MoreEthics Of The Health Care Industry995 Words   |  4 PagesEthics in Healthcare Marketing Ethics in the health care industry are one of the most important cornerstones of patient care. Making ethical decisions, being vigilant in the lack of ethical decision making, and being proactive in the reporting and advancement of ethical practices are important factors for marketing professionals such as physicians and other health care professionals to be wary of. Conduct by pharmaceutical representatives and ethical practices in the marketing of pharmaceutical

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Global Warming And Its Effects On The Great Barrier Reef

How has Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels frequently increased global warming and the massive increase of global ocean temperature which have risen from 0.74oC during the 19th century to 4oC in modern day society (NOAA, 2016), and how does CO2 contribute to one of the biggest tragedies seen on the Great Barrier Reef today, known as coral bleaching and what can be done to slow the increasing rate of this terrible tragedy? â€Å"Coral reefs are extremely important for biodiversity, providing a home to over 25% of all marine life. They are also vital for people and business. They provide nurseries for many species of commercially important fish, protection of coastal areas from storm waves, and are a significant attraction for the tourism industry†Ã¢â‚¬ ¦show more content†¦Most of the CO2 that enters the atmosphere dissolves into the ocean, as close to a third of the CO2 produced from human activities since 1800 and approximately half produced by burning fossil fuels are consumed into the ocean (Sabine et al. 2004). Increased CO2 in the atmosphere is one of the main causes of our changing climate change (NOAA, 2011). Global ocean temperatures have risen by 0.74oC (1.3oF) since the late 19th century. With the increasing rate of CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions have been predicted to rise to approximately 4.0oC (7.2oF) this century (NOAA, 2016). Just the tropical upper oceans alone have warmed more than 0.01oC per year over the past 50 years and the warming rate is still increasing (NOAA, 2010). Figure 1: The Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide (CO2) growth rate between the years of 1959-2014 (NOAA, 2013) This table shows the atmospheric growth rate of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) starting from the year 1959 and ending at 2014 therefore showing 6 years of data. Many types of coral have a special symbiotic relationship with a ting marine algae called zooxanthellae that lives inside corals’ tissues and are very efficient food producers that provide up to 90% of energy that corals require to grow and reproduce (GBRMPA, 2016). Bleaching occurs when the relationship between the zooxanthellae and their coral host breaks down. This can be caused by a number of environmental stresses,

Reform In The Agriculture Industry Of Australia

Question: Describe about the Reform In The Agriculture Industry Of Australia. Answer: Introduction The importance of agriculture industry cannot be under-rated by any country as this is one industry which promises long run welfare and revenues for the rural sector and specifically enables to cater to the food security issues of any country. From almost 30 years, Australia is trying to deregulate the agricultural sector and decrease deformation of the support of the producer. The report describes how Australia has succeeded in developing this prime sector by introducing various reforms and economy wide policy settings. The main focus was upon ensuring removal of the inefficiencies caused by irregular distribution of resources in the agricultural sector. Presently the said segment is highly susceptible to the exchange rate fluctuations and adjustment pressures from every corner of the Australian economy. The cost with regards the export in this segment is too high coupled with cost pressures from the home country because of competitiveness in the supply of inputs such as workforce b oth skilled as well as unskilled. Due to the same the competition is getting hampered, thus the Australian Government should direct its reforms in encouraging innovation and robust growth in agricultural segment. Therefore the present framework mainly focuses upon productivity growth of the said segment by bringing in deregulation. Body The agricultural segment of Australia focuses upon export so much that 60 percent of the total farm value is exported. The economy of Australia has undergone various changes and transformations bought into by a number of reforms. The reforms in Australia took place at a time when the economy of the world was being integrated. The reform began way back in the 1970 when the Australian government decided to restrict the financial help it provided to the said sector via budgetary measures. In comparison to the other segments, the agricultural segment was given the least preference and assistance. The initial reforms which were introduced basically ensured replacement of the guaranteed prices with stabilised prices of wheat and dried vine fruits industries and concentrated more on extending modification support. The agricultural sector was made a part of the economy wide reform in the 1980 which incorporated the phased lessening of tariff and such other border protection steps which was pronounced in the year 1988. The said year also faced the withdrawal of the subsidy provided to the consumption of fertilizer. The main purpose of the introduction of the reforms was to increase dependency upon the market forces and to eradicate hindrances to the competent marketing of the agricultural products. The same happened with dismantling of some of the statutory marketing authorities (SMA). Since the 1990s the main focus of the reforms had been on the response of the market, management of risk and being self-dependent. The main concentration in the 1990 has been over the draught policy in Australia. A new National Draught Policy (NDP) was formed in the year 1992 (Gray 2014). The reform stressed upon preparing the farms and extends social support to the families of the farmers and their community as a whole instead of giving business support to them. The most striking result of the reform in the agricultural sector has been that of the inputs which are available at a very low price. The same includes imported equipment, fertilizers, labour as well as infrastructure services. Further the deregulation in the monetary segment enabled them to get a greater accessibility to innovation and better credit facilities as well. The reform with regards the flexibility of the input markets also helped this sector as it is very difficult for the farmers to further pass the cost to the consumers in case of an increase in the input materials cost. Broadacre Input Output By Average Farm And Industry 1977-78 To 2010-11 Source: Abares Data The result of the Agricultural reform introduced by the Government of Australia was that the farmers no more faced any problems to adjust themselves with the erratic conditions of the market. The recent Agricultures White Paper vision has been given a warm welcome by all the farmers as it is expected to bring in tax reforms and changes to the Farm Management Deposits (FMD). The reform in the financial sector gave the farmers a wider array of lending options so as to fund modernization. Deregulation opened the gates for newer banks along with the fact that the banks can provide loans at lesser interest rates (Minifie, 2016). Another major reform being introduced is the White paper. The White Paper states that from July 2016, the limit of the FMDs will be increased to $800000 which would help them to pay off their debts taken for the business and hence save on the interest expense. The farmers who have been hit due to draughts will also have accessibility to their FMDs without letting go off their tax concessions. The White Paper has a provision of $30 million set out for farm insurance advice and risk assessment grants (Vidot, 2015). However the said section of the White Paper is still at its nascent stage and needs further discussions. Reform in the water sector has proved to be a great contributory to the agriculture industry of Australia. Water is one of the main components and draughts suffered in the past has led to formulation of the reforms in the water sector as well. The Australian agricultural sector has gained from the growth of an open souk of trading in water and better irrigation facilities which has led to an improvement in the overall productivity of crops. The National Water Initiative (NWI) floated by the Australian Governments at all levels is a joint effort to the manner in which Australia manages , measures, plans for and trades water (, 2013). Therefore the reforms that were introduced in the past has enabled the farmers to gain but the intense competition in the global and domestic market will encourage them to innovate day in and day out. Conclusion Therefore it can be concluded by emphasizing on the fact that the Australian governments reforms mainly comprised of withdrawal of intrusion which was affecting the output and the input cost of the said segment. Thus the reforms spelt out by the authorities have a combined impact on the farm business operations at various stages of production from acquisition of the land to its preparation, on-farm operations to off-farm operations which includes marketing and distribution of agricultural produce as well. The flexibility if enhanced in the said segment will ensure productivity to improve and help meet the larger requirements of the community as a whole. References:, (2013), Australias Dynamic Water Industry Fostering Excellence in water management, Available at file:///C:/Users/E-ZONE/Downloads/Water-Innovation-Booklet.pdf (Accessed 30th November 2016) Gray, E.M., Oss-Emer, M Sheng, Y., (2014), Australian agricultural productivity growth- Past Reforms and future opportunities, Available at (Accessed 0th November 2016) Minifie, J., (2016), The reforms we need to help Australia avoid economic stagnation, Available at (Accessed 30th November 2016) Vidot, A., (2015), Farmers welcome Agriculture White Papers vision for the future, Available at (Accessed 30th November 2016)

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Tips For Writing Exotic Wii Essay Topics

Tips For Writing Exotic Wii Essay TopicsThe main difference between choosing a topic for your student writing and a general essay is how you start the work. Many writers go about their works with specific directions, but if you are trying to get your student writing ideas out of the way, then you need to write in a way that lets them run with it. Some tips to help you make this happen are listed below.Using the Wii as your subject will likely be different from using it as your writing topic. In general, you can choose anything, as long as it is related to the hardware or some of the games that the Wii has. If you do not know anything about the Wii or any of the games that it has, then you can choose a general topic that pertains to them. This means you can choose things like the latest Wii releases or the newest feature to the Wii. Be sure to spend some time thinking about what you would want to write about before you begin working on your Wii essay topics.You can also choose an orig inal topic for the essay. This is an interesting idea that allows you to get involved in the topic instead of just trying to use the subject of the essay as a straight example. You can focus your topic on the events in a video game, the history of the game, the user community, or something else that is related to the hardware.It is best to focus on a topic for your Wii essay topic that you know something about. For example, if you know anything about the Wii itself, then you can focus your essay on that topic. However, if you do not know anything about the hardware, then you should choose a subject that you know something about.One of the biggest pitfalls that you should avoid when trying to get your student writing ideas out of the way is the process of creating a specific format for writing the Wii essay topics. Most people tend to write the same way, so the last thing you want to do is give the reader a preview of what they can expect to read next. You need to provide them with a flow that allows them to see the topic develop naturally.If you think about it, there are two main ways to write different topics for your Wii essay topics. One way is to have a specific format in mind that you plan to follow, and the other way is to just go with your own personal style. Either way, you should decide on the form you want to use before you begin to write your assignment.Once you decide on the format that you want to follow, the focus should shift to how you are going to provide your readers with a preview of the topic for each particular point that you are going to cover. You should allow yourself enough time to write about the points that you will be covering in your essay, so that you can let your reader see where you are at in the overall idea for the essay. You want to ensure that you do not just rush through your ideas and end up with a wordy piece of work that is hard to follow and skim through.No matter what form you choose for your Wii essay topics, you shou ld keep these tips in mind to ensure that you create something that is unique and that you are proud of. You can make a great first impression on your audience by following these tips to get started on your Wii essay topics.

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IELTS General Essay - How the IELTS Essay Sample Can Help You in Writing Your Essay

IELTS General Essay - How the IELTS Essay Sample Can Help You in Writing Your EssayThe IELTS general essay samples are meant to help you write your IELTS General essay for the exam. There are a lot of sources where you can get these samples. Most of them are provided by the test itself and the third place is given by the tutors. Most of them have online versions, which would be more convenient for you.If you want to take the test, you have to decide on the essay topic based on the particular sections you will be required to know. There are a number of ways in which you can choose one of these samples. You can choose from those that are presented by the IELTS organization itself or you can take a look at a number of these sample essays written by the tutors themselves. However, you have to remember that a number of the sample essays presented by the organization are written with the aim of being an introduction. It is not required to read the entire sample and so if you are not confid ent about the topic you should opt for the online version of it.If you are aware of the subject, you will have an advantage when it comes to writing your IELTS essay. You will be in a better position to approach the topic in a different way. In this regard, you have to make sure that you have some idea about the topic before going ahead with writing.As a student, you have to think about how the essay samples would help you in writing your essay. After all, it is up to you whether you want to work on writing your own sample or if you want to let the tutors take a decision on it. The best way is to allow the tutors to choose the sample for you. If you are having any doubts, you can refer to the official website of the organization where the sample is published for everyone to see.You will find a number of differences between the sample and the actual test when it comes to the formats and the formal rules. To summarize, these sample essays are not only meant to help you study the subje ct, but they also have to be readable and interesting. Hence, the key to success is to give your essay an original feel.Essays do not have to be long. The essay samples are designed in such a way that you need not to stop and rewrite your essay over again. In fact, you can keep working on your essay until it becomes perfect. However, this does not mean that you cannot come up with a complete project as you wish.As the format of the IELTS test allows for the preparation of these English essay samples, you can use these for the exam from home. This will ensure that you will be able to study effectively while at the same time you will be able to come up with a high quality IELTS essay.

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Coursework Online: No Longer a Mystery

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